Who is Keward

Your Ideal Partner for High Performance Plastics and Components

Keward is a company that focuses on the development, manufacturing, and selling the semi-finished materials and machining the components made of engineering and high-performance plastics.

Our plastics have been applied in many applications and industries. Actually, every industry has different demands for materials. So our engineers will combine our practical experience to analyze your requirements and give you professional suggestions about material selection, components design, and machining, etc. Our goal is to develop the perfect product that best fits your applications.


Venture lab 10F, Yangling High-Tech Zone, Shaanxi Province, China


Engineering and high-performance thermoplastics. Research, production, and sales of the extruded/ cast/ compressed semi-finished plastics and machined components. The form of plastics would be a rod, tube/ring, and sheet.

Technique Strength

We have 2 experts in the field of materials, more than 5 technical support engineers, and a lot of front-line sales. For the material molding department and machining facility, there are more than 20 senior technical experts.

Industries served

Mechanical engineering, oil&gas, semi-conductor, aerospace, automotive, electrical and telecom industry, medical technology, and other industries