keward machining center

High Precision Plastic Machining Service

Machining is the most efficient, economical, and fastest way to produce plastic parts. Especially for the small batch. For some projects, pre-proofing is a very important way to adjust final products design, test product performance, and decide the appropriate material. Our professional knowledge, extensive machining experience, high-quality assurance, and low price can help you solve plastic machining problems.

We equipped modern, high-performance CNC machining centers and high precision testing equipment. This enables the plastic components with narrow tolerances, in complex geometries and small or big dimensions.

Why Keward


Currently, for our plastic machining facilities, we have,

  • 30 CNC milling centers
  • 16 CNC lathes
  • 18 testing machines

Quality Control

For the plastic components which we machined could meet your requirements, we have,

  • The very strict quality control management process
  • Modern testing machines
  • Top-quality materials
  • The batch number for materials traceable

Free Proofing

We understand how important the project is for you, so contact us, send us the drawing and tell us more application details. We will deliver the proofing for free.

Typical Components
peek impeller

PEEK Impeller

Machined by 5-aix machining centres
High mechanical strength
Able to withstand high speed rotation

ultem 1000, pei fluid component

Ultem Fluid Component

High strength
Narrow tolerance
Good chemical resistance

PEEK bearing grade shaft collor

PEEK PVX Shaft Collor

Excellent sliding performance
Additional heat treatment
High mechanical strength


Every industry has different requirements and standards for no matter materials or plastic components. We have deeply studied and serviced in various industries and understand many industry applications. Our engineers are here to assist you with all aspects of your projects.

Our Support

Our support includes but more than following,

  • Professional advice for material selection
  • The producibility of your components
  • Metal and plastic machining
  • Precisely fitting

Advantages for You

  • Cost-saving in trying materials
  • Low machining and assembly cost
  • Strong machining ability can make sure short time delivery
  • Great quality guarantee