equipment plastic solutions

Plastic Solution for Equipment Industry

Nowadays, high-performance plastics are more and more used in the equipment manufacturing industry due to the irreplaceable properties of the material. The manufacturers not only want the equipment more and more reliable, preferably maintenance-free, but also want the minimum noise and lowest cost. So the self-lubricating property and lightweight of plastics would stand out. Moreover, compared to metal, plastics always have the advantages of chemical resistance, low cost, and low density.

Solutions for Equipment Industry

Steam resistance

Many medical instruments are used again after the strict clean and sterilization process. And the most effective way is steam sterilization. The materials that could resist the steam are PEEK Virgin, PPS Virgin.

Chemical resistance

The major of analytic instruments use organic or inorganic compounds to extract or clean substances. And most of the reagents are corrosive. The materials that have great chemical resistance are PEEK VirginPTFE natural, Ultem.

High mechanical strength

Some applications need a material that has high mechanical strength. This is because the components machined by these materials may need to withstand high rotational speeds, high pressure, or high impact. The materials which are reinforced by glass or carbon fiber always show better mechanical strength, higher stiffness. Recommend plastic PEEK GF30PEEK CF30PPS GF40, Ultem 2300.

Radiation resistance

For some radiotherapy equipment, some components need to be lightweight, good mechanical strength and radiation resistance. We recommend the PEEK GF30PPS Virgin, PEEK Virgin, Ultem.

Materials for Equipment Industry
ultem, pei virgin

Ultem Virgin

Ultem virgin has high mechanical strength, high rigidity, dimensional stability, and very good radiation resistance. It also has very good wave permeability and can be used in the telecom industry.

pps rod, sheet

PPS Virgin

PPS virgin is a high performance plastic with great benefits of high continuous temperature, good machinability, excellent dimensional stability and low water absorption. Black and natural color are available.

peek virgin rods, sheets,tubes

PEEK Virgin

PEEK virgin is an unfilled semi-crystalline high-performance plastic with high continuous temperature, good mechanical strength, excellent dimensional stability, and exceptional chemical resistance.

peek carbon fiber reinforced peek cf30


PEEK CF30 is 30% carbon fiber filled based on PEEK virgin. Because of the carbon fiber, the mechanical strength, rigidity, thermal conductivity and creep strength are improved.

Polyamide Nylon 6

PA 6 Virgin

Nylon 6 is a good engineering plastic with the properties of good impact resistance, good machinability, good wear, and slide performance.

PEEK bearing grade, peek FC30


PEEK PVX is a bearing grade PEEK plastic. It has excellent wear resistance and sliding performance by adding PTFE, graphite, and carbon fiber. PEEK pvx is an ideal material for any sliding situation.

PTFE teflon

PTFE Virgin

PTFE virgin is one of the most widely used high-performance plastics. It exhibits exceptional chemical resistance, very good slide and wears properties, excellent electrically insulation, and other benefits.

acetal, pom

Acetal Virgin

Acetal virgin is a widely used material with great properties of high mechanical strength, good machinability, high rigidity and toughness. It can be used in many applications.