Ultem and PEEK used in IVD Piston Pump

The IVD piston pump is a special pump for intravenous infusion.

The IVD piston pump is mainly a special pumping device with a piston rod connected with the moving parts of the motor to make reciprocating movements in the pump. It is usually installed next to valves, pressure vessels, pipelines, and other components whose flow needs to be adjusted, pressurized, or shut off. The two common models are the single-stage type and multistage type. The piston of the single-stage IVD piston pump moves up and down under the action of gravity. This movement raises mechanical energy that drives the hydraulic fluid from an intake into a discharge section. In contrast, in a multistage type-IVD piston pump, the rise and fall of the pistons in different stages forms a rising and falling three-dimensional “moving staircase” that changes its height each time it moves up and down, forcing more fluid into the discharge pipe with each cycle.

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What is Ultem and PEEK used in this application?

Usually, Ultem, PMMA, and PEEK are used in the pump head and piston. And sometimes, use UHMWPE for the seal o ring. For the material, you can check our production page: Ultem 1000 rod and PEEK rod.

Ultem is a plastic that is used in several medical procedures. It provides strength and durability when it is used as a medical tool. These two qualities are what make Ultem an excellent material to be used in IVD piston pumps. In order to understand why Ultem is used in this product, it is essential to know how the IVD piston pump works. An IVD piston pump is a medical device that can be used in intravenous drug delivery systems. A doctor can use this type of pump to control the flow of medication into a patient’s vein on a continuous basis.

One of the main reasons why PEEK is used in IVD piston pumps is because it doesn’t corrode. This means that it will maintain its properties even when it’s exposed to blood with chloride ions. This is compared to non-PEEK materials like aluminum, which will corrode when these conditions are present.

Another advantage of PEEK is that it can be shaped into a variety of forms, making it ideal for creating a range of medical devices like syringes and catheters.

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