Ultem 5G Electronic Connector

The electronic connector is a device that connects two or more electrical circuits together. The only requirement for it to be an electronic connector is that it can transmit a signal from one circuit to another. Most connectors are made up of one or more plugs and corresponding jacks, but they can also be made with pins and sockets, as well as screw terminals. Connectors may be “active” or “passive,” depending on whether they contain active electronic components or not.

And for plastic, especially Ultem, is an important part of the connector. The plastic need to have a low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss. Usually, the Ultem thin rod is the most in-demand. Keward as a plastic manufacturer, produce Ultem 1000 rod in diameter from 5mm to 210mm. The wide range of sizes could meet the most demand.

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Why Ultem 1000 is critical

Ultem connector is the most important material, which is used to make the multirotor frame. It is a kind of engineering plastic that is flame-retardant and heat resistant and it comes in two colors amber and black.

Ultem 1000 has several advantages as materials for making the frame. First, it can be easily shaped, so that it can be used to make complex frames. Secondly, it is lighter than carbon fiber while being stronger than either carbon fiber or glass fiber. Thirdly, it can be produced in a wide range of colors.

Meanwhile, Ultem 1000 is a standardized extruded polyetherimide (PEI), an advanced engineering thermoplastic. It is produced by the reaction of tetramethylene glycol and dimethyl ether in a reactor followed by chain extension with a difunctional epoxy. The resulting material is extruded into the required shape and size, thus making it ideal for use in demanding applications where high-performance strength, toughness, and resistance to chemical attack are critical.

Again, Ultem 1000 has the following excellent properties.

Ultem 1000 has high-temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, low water absorption, and excellent dimensional stability. Flexible enough to be bent repeatedly over its entire range of service temperatures without cracking or losing its physical properties. The material can be die-cut, drilled, and machined with standard tools and equipment.

Ultem 1000 is resistant to most chemicals but should not be used with highly acidic or alkaline fluids or chlorinated hydrocarbons. Exposure to these materials may cause swelling, warping, or corrosion of material. Ultem 1000 will not support microbiological growth and is resistant to attack by insects and rodents.

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