peek carbon shaft sleeve

PEEK shaft sleeve

A shaft sleeve is a bearing housing for engine spindles. It is fitted over the piston pins and is used to hold the engine bearings in place. These sleeves make sure that the connecting rod bearings get proper lubrication along with the rotation of the big end.

We are the engineering plastic manufacturer and we have a plastic machining shop to do the customized machining service.

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Why use PEEK plastic

The new PEEK shaft sleeves are made to fit the most popular shafts in the market. The PEEK material is firm and sturdy, but at the same time very flexible. The shape of the sleeve also holds your shaft straight while gripping it firmly at the same time. They come in clear and black colors, both with silver or black caps.

Besides the PEEK natural plastic. PEEK CF30 is also a widely used material in this application.

The PEEK CF30 plastic sliding performance is the most renowned product in this category. With very high customer satisfaction, it’s clear to see why this product is so popular. Whether you need a PEEK CF30 plastic sliding performance for your home or office, we feel this product will suit your needs. We’ve looked through hundreds of reviews and they were almost all positive. We feel confident in recommending this PEEK CF30 plastic sliding performance to anyone in the market for one.

The PEEK CF30 has a variety of attractive features that make it an attractive option for many different applications. For starters, it has an excellent load capacity of 300 kilograms, which means that it will support a significant amount of weight without breaking or bending out of shape. It also has an excellent elongation at a break of 20 percent, meaning that it will bend slightly instead of snapping when too much pressure is applied during installation or use.

Meanwhile, if you want even excellent sliding performance, you can use bearing grade PEEK or PEEK PVX. It is a material that adds PTFE, carbon fiber, and graphite.

PEEK PVX is the most commonly used material for plastic sliding performance because of its high-temperature resistance, toughness, and high strength to weight ratio.

PEEK PVX is a high-performance plastic material with a unique combination of properties. The PEEK PVX grade is an extruded, unidirectional composite of PEEK and chopped fiberglass (or aramid fiber). The fiberglass/aramid fibers are aligned parallel to the extrusion axis. This alignment results in increased strength in tension and shear when compared to standard chopped fiberglass composites. PEEK PVX can be extruded into almost any profile shape.

What other relatively cheap material I can use

Basically, depending on your working environment, any material with low friction coefficient could be used. We recommend the following plastics:

  • PTFE. It has outstanding sliding performance, but the mechanical strength is relatively low.
  • Cast nylon. The material is suited for any application and has good grease resistance properties. But the plastic may absorb water from the air.
  • Oil-filled nylon. Very good sliding performance and can be used in many applications. Design for the application like shaft sleeve.

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