PE Plastic


PE (Polyethylene) is semi-crystalline plastic. Compared to other engineering plastics, PE may show lower mechanical strength, but the material exhibits great chemical resistance and is cost effective. This makes this plastic widely used in the chemical industry. Usually, the most commonly used PE polymer are UHMWPE and HDPE, Keawrd provides these two types of material with different sizes to meet customers’ requests.  

PE Plastic Materials
UHMWPE, pe 1000


The UHMWPE demonstrates great wear resistance, high impact resistance, self-lubricating, and low coefficient of friction. This material is very suited for the frictional working environment.



The HDPE is a material which shows good chemical resistance, great electrical insulation, good weather resistance, high rigidity and toughness. It is a very good material for chemical engineering.

PE Plastic Properties
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Keward provides PE plastic for:

  • Sheet