PEEK Plastic


PEEK plastic, also known as polyetheretherketone, is a widely used high-performance plastic.  This material is famous for its high service temperature, high mechanical strength, great chemical resistance, and good dimensional stability.

The long-term continuous working temperature of PEEK is 260℃ (500℉). PEEK was often used under high temperature and high-pressure conditions, such as steam sterilization or oil drilling, due to the high thermal stability and the ability to maintain mechanical strength under extreme conditions. 

PEEK Materials
peek virgin rods, sheets,tubes

PEEK Virgin

PEEK virgin is an unfilled semi-crystalline high-performance plastic with high continuous temperature, good mechanical strength, excellent dimensional stability, and exceptional chemical resistance.

PEEK GF30, peek glass fiber filled


PEEK GF30 is a 30% glass fiber reinforced material based on PEEK virgin. Compared to PEEK virgin, the rigidity and wear resistance are improved, especially under the condition of high temperature and pressure.

PEEK bearing grade, peek FC30

Bearing Grade PEEK

Bearing grade PEEK use PEEK FC 30 as raw material. It has excellent wear resistance and sliding performance by adding PTFE, graphite, and carbon fiber. This PEEK is an ideal material for any sliding situation.

peek carbon fiber reinforced peek cf30


PEEK CF30 is 30% carbon fiber filled based on PEEK virgin. Because of the carbon fiber, the mechanical strength, rigidity, thermal conductivity and creep strength are improved.

PEEK Plastic Properties
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Keward provides PEEK virgin or modified plastic for:

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  • Tube

  • Sheet

  • Machining