Ultem PEI Plastic


PEI plastic or polyetherimide is an amorphous material that shows high mechanical properties, high thermal resistance, and great electrical performance. The PEI is also named Ultem because Keward uses Sabic’s Ultem® resin as raw material for extrusion. The Ultem virgin is a translucent amber color plastic with high rigidity and good dimensional stability. The material is widely used in the electronic, telecom, and mechanical industry.

The Ultem 2300 or PEI GF30 is plastic by adding 30% glass fiber based on PEI virgin. The glass fiber reinforced the tensile strength and rigidity. The higher modulus also increases the dimensional stability.

Ultem Materials
ultem, pei virgin

Ultem Virgin

Ultem virgin has high mechanical strength, high rigidity, dimensional stability, and very good radiation resistance. It also has very good wave permeability and can be used in the telecom industry.

Ultem 2300, pei gf 30

Ultem 2300

PEI GF30 use the Ultem 2300 as the raw material to produce. It shows the properties of high rigidity, great mechanical strength and excellent dimensional stability.

Ultem Plastic Properties
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