PI Plastic


Pi or polyimide is a kind of high-temperature plastic that doesn’t melt. The long-term working temperature of this material is above 260℃. Besides the high thermal stability, polyimide also shows high mechanical strength and great creep resistance. Meanwhile, pi also shows good radiation resistance and low outgassing which is meaningful for the aerospace and semicon industry.

Keward uses the compression molding method to produce polyimide. We can offer a wide range of sized products for rod, plate, and machined components.

PI Materials
polyimide virgin

PI Virgin

PI virgin is an unmodified polyimide that has high rigidity, low water absorption, good machinability, and very high continuous temperature.

polyimide high temperature


PI HI is a special modified material based on PI virgin. It has the extremely high continuous temperature up to 380℃ and still keeps the good mechanical strength and machinability.

Polyimide Plastic Properties
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Keward provides polyimide plastic for:

  • Sheet