Acetal POM Plastic


Acetal plastic is known as polyoxymethylene for its chemistry name. It is a semi-crystalline plastic and manufactured by extrusion molding for rods, sheets, and tubes. The material shows good mechanical strength, high rigidity, good sliding properties, and great wear resistance. Furthermore, the plastic is easy to machine and the components could always keep good dimensional stability. 

For the Acetal ESD plastic, it is adding a special anti-static agent. The specific surface resistance and specific volume resistance could remain stable at 10^3-10^5 Ω. The material is fit for semi-conduct technology.

Acetal Materials
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Acetal Virgin

Acetal virgin is a widely used material with great properties of high mechanical strength, good machinability, high rigidity and toughness. It can be used in many applications.

Acetal ESD

Acetal ESD is a special material by adding an antistatic agent based on Acetal virgin. It keeps both the mechanical properties and good anti-static function.

Acetal Plastic Properties
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Keward provides Acetal plastic for:

  • Rod

  • Tube