Nylon Used in the Shaft Coupling

What is the shaft coupling? The shaft coupling is a mechanical coupling used to connect two shafts that are rotating at different speeds. The primary purpose of the shaft coupling is to absorb and transmit torque from one shaft to another.

The shaft couplings are manufactured by various companies and each one has a unique purpose and design. The materials used in the manufacturing of shaft couplings vary based on the application of each coupling. Most applications for shaft couplings include mining equipment, windmills, pumps, generators, power transmission, among others.

The elastic elements used by the coupling are generally metal and nonmetal. Metal elastic elements have high strength, large load-bearing, long life, large elastic modulus and stability, wide temperature resistance range, and high cost. Non-metallic elastic elements are rubber and plastic.

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Why use non-mental materials

The non-metal material needs

  • The non-metal material needs
  • a wide range of elastic modulus
  • large internal friction
  • lightweight
  • good damping performance
  • no need for lubrication

Thus, nylon is mostly used compared with rubber. In most cases, the PA 6 rod is universe used in machining due to the material showing high strength, good wear resistance, large elastic modulus. By clicking out the nylon commercial page, you can find more details. The advantages of nylon used in the shaft coupling are as follows:

1. Nylon has good oil resistance, which can improve the durability of the product.

2. It is an ideal structural material with high strength, low friction coefficient, and wear resistance, especially for low speed and high load occasions.

3. Good fatigue resistance and dimensional stability, able to withstand repeated torque shocks and deformation caused by temperature changes.

4. The rigidity is better than some other materials, but it is hard to process, and it also has poor heat resistance (it is easy to crack at high temperatures).

As shown above, nylon is the best plastic that can be used in the shaft coupling, due to its lightweight and ability to reduce vibration and noise from the drive system. However, some manufacturers are weak at picking the material for their product and this makes them inefficient in terms of running cost versus reliability. If you’re looking for a material with better efficiency than others, go for the nylon and have your shaft coupling connected with it. We hope that you found our article helpful when it comes to fixing or replacing your impeller coupling!

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