Cast Nylon 6, POM UHMWPE Curved Rail

Generally speaking, the curved rail is a device that ensures that the moving object moves along a predetermined path. The guide rail can be composed of two parts: a guide rail and a slide block or a slide shoe.

The guide rail is usually fixed on the guide surface. The slide block or slide shoe is installed on the moving parts and guided along the inner surface of the guide rail by rolling bearings, sliding bearings, rolling friction, or sliding friction.

Because the traditional curved rail is mainly made of steel, there will always be problems such as heavyweight and rusting. The plastic material can not only help to lighten the weight of the track but also has a long life span and good wear resistance. And the cost is much lower than other materials.

In short, plastic curved rails have many advantages over traditional metal tracks: they are durable and anti-corrosive; easy to install; lightweight yet strong; environmentally friendly; recyclable; low maintenance costs in the long run.

And the most commonly used plastics are Nylon, Oil-filled Nylon, UHMWPE, and POM.

Cast Nylon 6 curved rail

Cast nylon is a kind of engineering plastic with excellent mechanical properties such as high strength and wear resistance, long life, and good fatigue resistance. It can be used in strong acid, strong alkali, organic solvents, and other chemical media corrosion occasions.

The advantage of using cast nylon to produce a curved track is that the cast nylon curved track has the characteristics of no oil, corrosion resistance, and high wear resistance. Check our Cast Nylon page, you can find we provide rods, sheets, and tubes that can meet your requirements. It avoids the disadvantage of metal that is prone to rust, easy to wear, and causes equipment accidents. Cast nylon curved rail makes it easier for automation equipment to run smoothly and reliably.

Another well-known material for this application is Oil-filled Nylon. A quick tour of all the benefits of using oil-filled nylon to produce curved rail:

High strength – the strength and stiffness of the material, which is comparable to steel and aluminum

Corrosion resistance – oil-filled nylon has high corrosion resistance, especially in acidic and alkaline media, seawater, salt water, ammonia, and other chemical solutions.

Low friction coefficient – after adding graphite and molybdenum disulfide as solid lubricants, the friction coefficient can be less than 0.1

Long-life – under certain conditions, the service life can reach tens of thousands of hours

Easy processing and forming – can be processed by injection molding or extrusion processing method

Low-temperature resistance – the temperature range from -100 ℃ to +100 ℃ (oil-filled nylon)

POM is also a choice for the curved rail

POM and cast nylon are both good for curved rail applications. POM has the superior properties of high impact strength, low moisture absorption, and high rigidity, which make POM an ideal engineering plastic. However, compared with nylon, POM shows high stiffness, lower water absorption, and smaller deformation. Check our POM production page to find stock shape size and more information. Cast nylon, on the other hand, is cheaper than POM in most cases. Cast nylon is a good material with excellent impact and abrasion resistance, low friction coefficient, good damping capacity, and sound absorption. But it has relatively inferior mechanical properties compared with POM. Both materials have the same glass fiber reinforcement option available for higher mechanical properties in particular applications.

UHMWPE also can be found in curved rail

The UHMWPE is another widely used material. Usually, a manufacturer like us can provide a large-size UHMWPE sheet that can machine large-sized guide rail.

One of the biggest advantages of using UHMWPE in curved rail applications is its long lifespan. In fact, when used properly and under normal environmental conditions, UHMWPE can last for a really long time.

A second benefit of choosing UHMWPE for your curved rail application is the fact that it doesn’t need regular maintenance or care. UHMWPE is extremely durable and resistant to moisture, chemicals, sunlight, and corroding agents. This makes it a great choice for outdoor applications. Since it’s self-lubricating, you won’t need to purchase and apply any special lubricants to keep your curved rails working smoothly.

UHMWPE also offers several cost-saving benefits as compared to more traditional materials like metal. For example, since it doesn’t corrode or rust, you won’t have to spend money on replacement parts as often as you would with other materials.

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