PEEK Coil Frame and Other Material Recommendation

Why commonly use PEEK plastic?

The PEEK coil frame is a structural component whose primary function is to provide structural support for the wire. Considering the insulation, the coil former usually uses plastic instead of metal. At the same time, the polymer should have outstanding mechanical strength, good dimensional stability, and a high service temperature. That is why PEEK plastic is widely used in this application. 

PEEK has a long-term working temperature of 260℃, which means this material could cope with most high-temperature situations. Meanwhile, the plastic also shows excellent mechanical properties, which means high tensile strength, compression strength, and flexural strength. These properties are critical for the industry because the working condition is high temperature and high stress. For example, in the oil logging application, the measurement while drilling tools must simultaneously face at least 175℃ and 140Mpa. The coil frame must keep suitable insulation properties and good dimensional stability. So the PEEK plastic is an ideal material. Also, we usually PEEK tubing to the machine to the final component for this application. 

What else material can I choose?

As mentioned before, the primary function of the coil frame is to offer support and insulation. So it depends on the different applications and different material requirements. But there is some commonly used material we recommend. 

  • PEEK GF30. It is a 30% glass fiber filled PEEK plastic. The glass fiber enhanced the mechanical properties and made the material more stable under high temperature and pressure conditions.
  • PPS. Although this plastic’s service temperature and mechanical properties are less than PEEK, it is still a crucial high-performance plastic. You can use it under less extreme conditions.
  • Ultem. Ultem or PEI shows high stiffness and high mechanical strength. The insulation of the plastic is also good. Suitable for many working conditions.
  • Acetal. Acetal or POM is also a suitable engineering plastic for coil frames. But the service temperature is no more than 100℃. Besides the temperature, POM could cope with most normal working conditions.

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