PEEK compressor disc

The compressor disc is usually made of aluminum with a special type of paint or polymer. It is mainly used in air conditioner and refrigeration equipment, and also used in other industries such as cars, trucks, and ships. The compressor disc has two parts: the sealing part and the supporting part. The sealing part has a variety of shapes according to the different designs of the compressor disc. After finishing the design, it will be laser cut or computer-controlled cut for mass production.

For the polymer disc, PEEK plastic sheet is usually used for this application.

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Why PEEK plastic is a commonly used material

There are several reasons why the PEEK is used in compressor discs.

The PEEK plastic is a thermoplastic polymer that can be processed by injection molding, extrusion, and other techniques that are used to form thermoplastic materials. It is commonly used to make structural parts that are difficult to fabricate with other materials.

The properties of PEEK allow it to maintain its strength and flexibility at temperatures up to 390℃. The fiber material allows for less weight and helps absorb vibration and noise.

The main advantage of using PEEK is its superior mechanical properties, strength, and toughness. PEEK is one of the most wear and corrosion-resistant materials available, which makes it an ideal candidate for applications involving liquid media, heat, oil, and chemicals such as those found in gas turbine engines. As a result, many compressor discs are manufactured with a PEEK material as this has excellent high-temperature performance, good wear resistance, and chemical resistance.

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