PEEK Vacuum Seamless Suction Cup

PEEK Vacuum Seamless Suction Cup

A vacuum seamless suction cup is a suctioning device that works by creating a partial vacuum on both sides of the suction cup. This vacuum causes the suction cup to stick to flat surfaces. Suction cups are available in different shapes, sizes, strengths, and materials. These properties dictate the use and benefits they offer.

Vacuum seamless suction cups differ from the standard type of suction cup by having no seams. Most suction cups are created by cutting molded plastic sheeting into individual pieces. Often, this would necessitate manufacturing these cups with seams where two pieces met. These seams create a weak point on the suction cup where it can break or leak.

Recently, the components are machined by using PEEK plastic more and more common due to the excellent properties of the material. And the final part is often used PEEK plastic sheet to do the machining. Check out the commercial product page for more details.

Why use the PEEK plastic instead of rubber

PEEK is a high-performance plastic that has many advantages over traditional rubber suction cups.

When designing and developing our PEEK vacuum suction cup, we took all of these into consideration.

Here are some of the reasons why we chose to work with PEEK:

PEEK has high-temperature resistance (up to 260 °C)

PEEK is resistant to chemical attack

PEEK resists water absorption and is dimensionally stable

PEEK does not age as compared to rubber, which can become brittle over time

PEEK is strong enough to withstand difficult environments in industrial applications where rubbers fail due to wear and corrosion. PEEK is resistant to stress cracking and increases the life of your equipment by preventing corrosive fluids from reaching internal components.

PEEK has a smooth surface finish that reduces friction and allows for better vacuum sealing on your products. As an engineering plastic, PEEK can be precision machined with tight tolerances for quality control.

In addition, we incorporated the following design features in order to achieve superior results:

We designed a double lip seal for optimal sealing efficiency. The double lip seal creates a vacuum-tight seal between the suction cup and the surface it’s sucking against. This means that there is no air leakage and therefore reliable long-term vacuum holding capacity.

We used a flat sealing surface (the sealing face) on our PEEK suction cups. This means that even if there are scratches or other imperfections on the surface, they will not affect the vacuum seal. With rubber cups, any scratches or dents on the surface can cause air leakage and thereby reduce the suction power or even completely negate it!

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