POM, PEEK Screw Motor Nut

Screw motor nuts are one of the essential parts of the motor. It is attached to the shaft of the motor and has a threaded hole with an internal thread that engages with the external thread on the shaft. The motor nut is a high-load, weak vibration, high-temperature resistant product.

The screw on the outer surface of the screw nut will cause impact and vibration on the motor’s bearing when it comes into contact with foreign objects during operation, which will cause damage to the bearing in a short time and make it unusable. Therefore, in order to reduce this impact, plastic can be used as a material to produce POM or PEEK screw nuts.

The normal working condition recommend for POM

POM screw motor nut is very common and is widely used in various fields. Usually, many people use the Acetal rod to machine the components, but you can find POM sheets, data sheets, and machining services on our commercial page. Meanwhile, other colors and POM cut to size is available too. Production with POM brings many advantages compared with metal material production.

The advantages of using plastic to produce screw motor nuts are as follows:

1. The characteristics of POM material itself, the high strength and toughness make the screw motor nut have good impact resistance;

2. POM has excellent wear resistance and self-lubricating performance. It can be used for a long time without maintenance and lubrication;

3. Using plastics to produce screw motor nuts has low cost, high net profit, and low loss rate;

4. Widely used in various fields, such as electrical, mechanical, and other industries;

5. The use of plastic to produce screw motor nuts has a good sealing effect, which can ensure the stability and accuracy of products;

6. POM as raw material is light in weight and easy to carry;

7. The production process of plastic materials is simple and convenient, which can greatly improve production efficiency;

8. Good chemical stability, not easy to react with other substances at room temperature;

9. Relatively good heat resistance could cope with most working situations.

Please use PEEK plastic under high-temperature working conditions

PEEK is an engineering thermoplastic that offers excellent performance in severe service environments that other materials just can’t handle. PEEK is available in many different grades, each designed for a specific balance of properties for different applications.

For applications like screw motor nuts, people usually use PEEK plastic rods to do the machining, for more information about PEEK, please click here. And due to the high thermal stable properties, PEEK material is usually used in high-temperature working conditions. Meanwhile, PEEK still shows good self-lubricating, low friction coefficient, and other excellent sliding performance.

PEEK screw motor nuts are used in extremely high temperature and hostile chemical environments where more common materials such as POM and PTFE are unable to perform. For example, PEEK is used in the oil and gas industry to manufacture screws, nuts, bolts, pump parts, and other components exposed to high temperatures, corrosive fluids, and stress. PEEK plastic demonstrates excellent chemical resistance and outstanding mechanical properties. The excellent thermal performance of PEEK means that it can be used at temperatures as high as +260°C continuously, and up to +300°C intermittently.

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