POM Hose Pumps Rollers in Peristaltic Pump

The most important advantage of the peristaltic pump is that the pump tube can be used as a pump chamber. The fluid flows only through the pump tube without contaminating the pump body, at the same time the pump tube does not contaminate the fluid.  When needed to clean, you just need to replace the pump line. This could reduce disassembly time and maintenance time a lot. The key to using the peristaltic pump is to choose a good pump head, and the hose pumps rollers are the critical device. It is used for transferring liquids or semi-liquids from one location to another.

Check our POM rod and choose the right size for your applications.

Why use POM to make hose pumps rollers

Using POM (Polyoxymethylene) to make hose pump rollers is a smart choice for several reasons.

Number one, it’s easy to work with. In fact, it’s the easiest thermoplastic to work with in terms of fabrication, machining, and welding. Because it doesn’t have any pores or grain structure like other plastics, you can use carbon dioxide lasers, water jets, and simple CNC machining without worrying about burning through, melting, or dulling cutting tools.

POM is also resistant to most common chemicals and solvents; works well with adhesives; has low melt temperature; exhibits excellent electrical properties; has good resistance to aqueous corrosion when properly anodized; has a hardness rating of 60 Rockwell B Scale, and is very strong and tough.

POM is much more than just a great material for making hose pump rollers (and a wide range of other products). It’s also a great material for making custom components that meet your exact specifications.

Meanwhile, POM can be manufactured in many colors, which could meet your customized requirements.

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