Acetal Nozzle Used in Spray Gun

Acetal is a thermoplastic polymer, known under the trade names Delrin, Celcon, or POM, which offers high tensile strength and stiffness. It is often used in applications such as ball bearings and gears where resistance to wear is important.

In Keward, we can provide you with plenty of sized and colored Acetal rods, sheets, and tubes. Also, we can do POM precision CNC machining for you.

POM nozzles have several advantages over other nozzle materials:

  • It has very good chemical resistance and is suitable for use with mineral oils and similar lubricants.
  • It has high dimensional stability and excellent fatigue resistance (resistance to breaking under mechanical stress).
  • It has high thermal stability which makes it suitable for use with hot liquids.
  • They have a very good surface finish which means they are resistant to corrosion and contamination by foreign bodies such as rust particles or grit. They can therefore be cleaned more easily than other types of nozzle material.

POM also is a good material with good sliding performance and good wear resistance, always used as a screw motor nut.

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