PEEK, PI Plastic Heat Insulation Shield

The heat insulation shield is a cap with different thicknesses and heat resistance used on the surface of the device to protect from high temperature.

It is usually made of polyester, fiberglass, paper, or other polymer materials.

The plastics that are used commonly are PEEK and Pi plastic, the most important factor is the properties of high thermal stability.

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Why use PEEK plastic

PEEK is a highly engineered polymer that provides peak performance in a wide range of temperature and chemical-resistant applications. The material has a high maximum allowable temperature, excellent resistance to aggressive media, and can be used in the presence of water. PEEK materials can be provided in several forms such as sheet, rod, or tube stock. But for this application, the PEEK plastic rod is usually used.

Using PEEK plastic in the insulation shield can get the following benefits:

1. PEEK is one of the highest temperature plastics nowadays.

2. PEEK has excellent resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis, and solvents.

3. PEEK performs well at high temperatures with an upper continuous service temperature rating of up to 482°F (250°C)

4. PEEK has excellent mechanical properties even at high temperatures and a low moisture absorption rate (0.6% over 24 hours).

5. PEEK has FDA approval for food contact and medical device applications so PEEK may be used where food or medical grade materials are required.

The benefits of using polyimide for heat insulation shield

Polyimide, which is also known as PI plastic, has many properties that allow it to stand out from the crowd. It is incredibly strong and has a high melting point at around 300 degrees Celsius. In addition to this, it can be produced in a range of colors and is resistant to most chemicals such as acids and alkalis. Normally, polyimide is thermally stable with no loss in mechanical properties when exposed to heat.

Polyimide (PI) has excellent electrical and mechanical properties. It also has good chemical resistance, dimensional stability, and radiation resistance.

There are a number of benefits of using polyimide rod for heat insulation shields. These include:

● Possibility to withstand high temperatures up to 300° C

● Does not soften or flow at the high temperatures

● Minimal outgassing properties

● Superior chemical resistance

● Good flexibility

● Competitively priced

The PEEK and polyimide are great options for heat insulation shields. Their flexibility, durability, and relative affordability make them stand out in the market. And for most purposes, these materials are equally suitable for buyers. With a little research educated buyers should be able to find the perfect polyimide or PEEK shield to fit their needs.

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