Cast Nylon Variable Speed Pulley

What is the function of a variable speed pulley? A pulley is a mechanical device used in hoists, lifts, and cranes to increase or decrease the power required to move an object. The rope or cable is wound around the wheel and attached at both ends to the object being lifted. As the wheel turns, it pulls on both ends of the rope, lifting the object.

We use cast nylon to produce the pulley

Cast nylon exhibits several desirable mechanical properties including toughness, high impact strength, high stiffness, and low thermal expansion. These properties are generally a function of the material’s molecular structure. As the following figure shows, nylon has a higher tensile strength than most other generically similar materials (such as hard rubber) which is one reason it is used in so many applications.

Another important mechanical property is yield point which is the stress at which strain will not increase if additional stress is applied. Nylon has an extremely high yield point relative to other materials such as hard rubber, which means that it will take much more force to deform it beyond a certain point compared to other materials.

So, in the summary, using PA 6G, you can get the following benefits

1); excellent wear resistance and self-lubricating;

2): lighter than metal, and easy to machine;

3): lower coefficient of friction;

4): protect against part, prolong system life.

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