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PEEK compressor disc

The compressor disc is usually made of aluminum with a special type of paint or polymer. It is mainly used in air conditioners and refrigeration …
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PEEK Plastic Bearing Retainer

A bearing retainer is a device used to secure or retain the bearings or rolling elements of a machine tool. The main function of a …
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Ultem and PEEK Radome

We have to choose our material very carefully when deciding to use PEEK or Ultem to produce our radome. These two materials are the best …
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PEEK Column and Other Parts Used in HPLC instrument

If you are a regular reader of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) articles, you have surely heard about PEEK plastic components used in HPLC instruments. Did …
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peek carbon shaft sleeve

PEEK shaft sleeve

A shaft sleeve is a bearing housing for engine spindles. It is fitted over the piston pins and is used to hold the engine bearings …
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PEEK Valve Seat Used in Coal Mining Shield Support Valve

Polyether-ether-ketone or PEEK is one of the high-performance polymer materials with high mechanical strength, good impact strength, excellent chemical resistance, and outstanding dimensional stability. For …
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PEEK Material Chemical Resistance Table

PEEK plastic is a high-performance material with excellent mechanical strength, lightweight, and outstanding chemical resistance properties. Check the PEEK page for more information. For the …
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peek connector

PEEK and PEI Connector Insulation Parts

For connectors, especially for the high-frequency and radio-frequency connectors, besides the excellent design and manufacturing technique, another critical factor in determining whether the products are …
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PEEK Coil Frame and Other Material Recommendation

Why commonly use PEEK plastic? The PEEK coil frame is a structural component whose primary function is to provide structural support for the wire. Considering …
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