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logging instrument

PEEK Insulation Casing Used in Petroleum Logging Instrument

The petroleum logging instruments need to face very harsh working conditions that are usually high temperatures and high pressure. According to our practical experience, the …
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PEEK plastic

PEEK Plastic Properties and Material Selection Guide

Polyether-ether-ketone, which is known as PEEK, is a high-performance, semi-crystalline plastic. This type of plastic exhibits a series of great properties, such as excellent chemical …
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peek back-up ring

Why use PEEK plastic as a material for the backup ring

What is back up ring Back up ring plays a very important role in the seals. You can tell its function from the name: it …
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peek plastic

PEEK Plastic Properties and Datasheet

PEEK is a high-performance, semi-crystalline plastic which shows many unique properties. PEEK plastic thermal properties Long term working temperature is 260℃ Short term working temperature …
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